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tells you a lot about the "rational wiki" when all the funniest people are listed as "controversial"

Ratiional Wiki doesn't back rational people...
Of all the things they point out, they list Pro-Gamer-gate and the Joss Whedon thing? Really?
I'm not even a Gamer-Gater and I said one thing about Joss one time in one video.
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I've literally just watched the first 3:05 of your Theory of Jibberish part 1 and it's made me pause to say, you're a pedantic fool and nothing you've muttered is relevant in the slightest. Your delivery is monotone and lacking in humour even though you're clearly attempting it. I'll be back.

Ive literally just watched the first 305 of your Theory of Jibberish part 1 and

Round earthers are wrong. Also, we have yet to prove the moon is real. It's a projection of Pluto through solar system happenings beyond our current comprehension. For all we know it could be a hologram.

The moon IS real, but they project a hologram over it to hide all the alien bases
Ever wonder why we can't see the moon landing sights from Earth?
Nasa is run by fascists

What are your thoughts on minds? I see Sargon promoting it quite often but I'm not a huge fan of it. So, I was curious if there were any odds of you moving over to it. If not what other social media site would you use?

Smells Like Purple
I set up an account to hold the name, but there are aspects of it that are keeping me from adopting the platform right now

You have in the past made a lot of claims about the failings over american systems such as education, healthcare, and such, but it seems to be that the differences by statistics between our counties has been and probably will remain similar. Do you believe this judgement on america is rational?

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The education system is terrible.
Poor neighborhoods have shit schools with shit resources
Rich neighborhoods have rich schools with great resources.
This does not happen here to the same extremes

Any opinions on religions that don't really cause much trouble (e.g. folk religions) Mr. Godnotreal?

Religions in their own aren't harmful necessarily, but the cultures born from them can be.

what do you think the most criminally underrated YouTube channel is

But he just got a huge shout out from I Hate Everything... so I'm betting he'll be climbing up

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