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Boyfriend doesn’t pay money for driving lessons he says he can’t afford it but then he pays $200 for a festival ticket I don’t understand why he does this ?

Because he obviously doesn't want driving lessons or you might be paying for it and his taking advantage of you

My mum thinks my Boyfriend is lazy because he won’t find a second job to work 12 hours five days a week to be able to survive with a baby he works 8 hours Monday to Friday what do you think?

I think your mum is trying to make yours and his life hard

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What are your plans for Christmas (even if you don’t celebrate it). I worked on Christmas day last year and people felt sorry for me but I didn’t mind and it was good money. This year I’ll be having Christmas lunch with family though 🎄

Hang out with the family

Do you watch many movies or TV series in foreign languages? Last thing I watched like that was ‘Squid Game’ which I enjoyed.

I've wacted a few

Do you drink cordial? I think it’s under-rated or just seen as a “kid’s drink”. I love Bickford’s Lemon Barley and Cranberry versions 👌


What are your favorite forms of social media now? I closed my Facebook years ago but am still on Instagram and Twitter but TikTok is what I spend most of my time on 🙂

No favourites, but use instagram and snapchat the most

What are two things you like about yourself? I’ll go first - 1) I’m a good listener 2) I like my smile

I'm caring and I'm a good helper

If your long distance of a couple of months boyfriend goes to formal with another girl for a night, is it considered cheating?

I don't think so

Now that me and my partner have committed to a home loan, he's started cheating on me like i cant do anything or go anywhere. It's like a mask fell off and he's completely different person. I want out but im worried I'll ruin my credit rating with any move i try. Is there something I can do?

Yes leave him
Seek professional advice from your lender if you are worried about your credit


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