Ask @Arr_iana:

Thank you, and today I actually found my plan😁 I'm going to having a tea party with my siblings and parents and the 1 friend I do have here in Tennessee, then I'm going to the Nashville zoo because on that day they will be having a event for autism awareness

Aww! Sounds like an amazing day! I hope you have fun and happy early birthday!

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+2 answers in: “So my 16th is in 11 days I have no friends and I'm home schooled what should I do?”

Today I found out my best friend warned one of my closet friends at the beginning of the school year, to look out for me, because I'm "toxic". It hurts, because she didn't say that to hurt me, she said it because she believed it. Am I really that bad ? Am I that much of a burden to her ? Fuck you.

Brooke Morgan
Well I don’t really know you so I can’t make assumptions but, obviously she isn’t your best friend. If she’s going around telling people you’re toxic then she is nothing to you anymore. I’m sure you are a great person and you don’t deserve to be talked about like that.

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