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I really need a good advice regarding a very serious matter someone who can give good advice pls I want to share something

Good advice mil gayi?

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So this man is from rajanpur we met online he said he likes me i started liking him too then suddenly he disappear for 3 months then later he told me he was in a relation but broke up we started talking again but now that girl come back again first he blocked me on fb WA, now talking rudely to me

Mujhy naam batao uska main uski amma ko ja k shikyat lagaon, I'm from Rajanpur too.

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Are girls really into big house, a civic and son of a billionaire? Is it everything to you? Mehran wale ka koi chance nahi?

Mehran bechni hy?
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Mera bf muje baar baar milna ka kehta hai ik usny mil ky kya krna hai or i also kniw mea aik bar is kaam mea par gai phir nhi nikalti

Tm bar bar rishtay k lye amma ko bhejne ka rola daal lo, easy peasy
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