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Cheeni Kum
Love sometime does hurt🙂But why do I easily fall in love with her❤️Even though I just know her in a few days only. I still don`t know anything about her yet. I began to like her since the first time I saw her😇Then, I started to love her. I don`t know why does I feel like this.
When I`m with her, I`m willing to do anything just for her💞Whatever she said, I will do it. As long she happy, I will sacrifice it all💝
But, I`m still feels afraid😌I`m too scared to tell her about my feeling on her. I`m too afraid that she will not accept the feeling that I have on her🌸 I tried to tell her. But never got the right words🖤I also tried to show that I love her,But I don`t know whether she understand it or not😔
The first time we got to know each other, She manages to make me smiling and laugh again What a gorgeous smile she has🥰 I can’t stop dreaming about her👦🏻
But, for some reason, I feel like she has another guy in her life. It’s really make me depressed thinking about it. So, I`ve make my decision. I will hold my feeling on her. But I will wait her forever because I’m too in love with her. But if it’s really true that she belong to someone else. I have to respect that and accept the fact she`s not mine🖤🖤 🖤👦🏻🌸🧚🏻‍♂️

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