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If you could switch lives with 7 friends (for every day of the week) which friends would you pick? As in, 1 friend a day.

Very cool question, umm I'd say Joe, Harri, Gus, Zach, Natalie, Esme (Esme or Esmè) and last but not least Connor. XD (this was the hardest one so far)

What's your favorite smell?

Umm, this may sound weird but when I hug some of my friends they smell really nice xD

if you could change youre name what would you change it 2?x

Ummm, Toby, Joe, Seth, Parker and Dave all of them are cool names xD x

Don't you think you should give all your video games to that Zak fellow?

Yes!!!! XD by that Zak do you mean zack wickland ?


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