Ask @Ascendancelol:

So why did you get kick from BN? you can tell the story here :v

Hi Reddit! Long story short, my behavior wasn't exactly the most commendable, and I got kicked. I have a very large tendency to speak my mind regardless of who I'm talking to, and it got me into more bad situations than I could have liked. The thing is, for the longest time, I've been the only active nominator in CtB, so I felt kind of immortal in a sense. Like, "oh if they kick me, a whole game mode dies haha!" And I kinda just used it as an ego boost. Well, I got kicked and what do you know :D. Though, I have confidence in my fellow nominators that they'll do well also!
As a small addon, I dunno if I'll end up reapplying to BN. The amount of disrespect I got from the community and yes, even the staff, was a bit too much and it stressed me out a lot. I ended up becoming more depressed and it took a toll on my health. We'll see in the future!

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