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it was the war of head and heart
but you and i got hurt
they say that money runs the world
darling, tell me what's your love's worth
since our currency is pain
and i have a lot to spare pennies to drain
in our wishing wells
because even amongst the heat of hate
i've always wished you well
and sorry i get scared when the strangers see
see you with me
because i really don't want them to know
you see,this world has its own sick way
to take away all the things that ever meant to me
i saw that glint of hurt in your eyes
when you whispered "are you scared of me?"
i laugh and you're confused as you don't get the irony
i wouldn't be scared of you
even if i was the beauty and you the beast
i...i am scared of falling in love
you smiled and said
"you're same as me"
"like a lullaby you sang to me
my love, i don't wana fall in love
i wana fly in love ,out of gravity
cause this world has been holding me down with its atrocities
and you're like a sign sent from divine as if
God himself telling not to give up on me
and your eyes so innocent,they shine with glee
and your laugh is like a stairway to heavan
i guess now
ill die a happy man indeed."
By @minahil_karma

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