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Damn it never ends. But I still think it’s just amber. Her main taunting pattern starts with “awww blah blah offended again blah blah me badder blah blah” Literally you can tell she’s shaken up and when she’s going to create a shit storm by her patterns.

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I do my best to avoid her she's not worth my time 🤷

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+2 answers in: “Aw is the lavender hag "not offended"? You know posting over and over saying the same can thing is purely hilarious lmfaooo no you're not offended at all.. you've definitely "moved on" haha too bad everyone else has you stalk. I'm only here to troll since you've forgotten me. Totes lovely”

looks like the other reason I quit messing with apps like this, people from insta started using it as an excuse to let out the aspect of their subconscious to ask questions they normally wouldn’t have the balls to in a rude way. But I like this better that the others 😂😂 remember 4square 😂😂😂

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See I told you this app isn't so bad, it's just the shitty people that try to ruin the fun. I forgot about it for the longest, then I got a question and was like " oh this exists lol oops"

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+5 answers in: “I was gonna ask a question but all I see is hate/drama both ways. I think you ppl need to either get off this site or go talk to ppl directly.”

keep trying to pull a fast one everyone knows you just need attention;)

I'm not the one seeking someone out to endlessly harass them, maybe it's you who needs the attention, I'm sorry you have to resort to petty means for the little amount of time you take out of my days

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+4 answers in: “Everything you do reeks of how u can’t let go all u do is bark. U r nothing special it amazing how you think no one sees”

Sounds like you need reactions and drama to feel complete. Check your reflections yo

I'm in a healthy state of mind, working endlessly to keep evolving into a better person day by day because I deserve it, you anonymously harass people while deluding yourself with dreams of superiority. Get help, I hope you move on one day

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+1 answer in: “Are you always so butthurt after stalking all your enemies?”