Ask @AshiilyManciilla:

I seriously saw you on bumble lmfao…I screen recorded it…

Lol obviously talking to them didn’t deactivate it. Oh well it can just stay there it’s not like I can log on and use it, so it really doesn’t matter🤷🏻‍♀️ if I ever plan on or have to use a dating app ill just create a new one lol😂 Thank you for letting me know.

As an old friend, we all hated Eric!!! even at la high some people hated but some liked you there like me! So what you’re saying is he was nice in the beginning and showed his true colors at the end? He’s a loser

1st off Erik was never a loser n isn’t a loser. Only evil people talk so horrible about other people without knowing them. Go ahead and perseve him to be however you all want but I have never thought of him or saw him as a loser. Evil people find someone esle to
talk about and trash🙄

Glad you left that fucking asshole eric…why did you even date him in first place?

You’re all mean boasting on things that you know nothing about. Evil people! He was kind, caring, and loving when I first met him. I knew him differently so I don’t know what you all are talking about. We all have flaws and we all go through life experience or events that change us, no on should judge anyone. As God says “Do not judge, or you too will be judged” Matthew 7

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If God allows us to have a future, okay. For now, I don't want worry in my mind anymore. 💔

Leave it to God. He hears and knows what your heart needs. Have faith God always answer if not right away, he will in time.🤍 God bless you and may he answer your prayers and give you what your heart so much longs for and needs🤍