Ask @AshleyBearr:

Do you like movies about animals?

depends! i love animated animal movies and movies like the film max. i loved cats & dogs and homeward bound when i was little, and im sure i'd still love them now if i were to watch them. but i'm less inclined now to like an animal movie when it's a real animal and the editors move their mouths. it just makes me cringe c':

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What kind of shows do you like watching?

- crime shows (i.e. castle, sherlock, criminal minds, prison break)
- doctor shows (i.e. grey's anatomy, the good doctor, house)
- comedies (i.e. the good place, brooklyn nine-nine, friends)
- dramas (i.e. the fosters, gilmore girls)
- sci-fi (i.e. stranger things, stitchers, the flash)
- fantasy (i.e. vampire diaries, teen wolf, supernatural)
i'm sure there are more i'm forgetting xD

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What kind videos do you like to watch?

on youtube, i basically watch:
- bullet journaling videos
- a few youtubers (dan and phil, liza koshy, jenna marbles, connor franta, joe & zoe sugg)
- a few booktubers (christine, kat, jesse, & sasha)
- diy videos
- occasional music videos and/or lyric videos
lately i've been watching stuff for learning the ukulele, as i'm writing a song for a class and have been looking into that for an instrument (:
i dont watch as much youtube as i used to, but those are what i enjoy/have enjoyed!

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