Ask @Ashley_leach_:

you do have high standards because so many people asked you to the dance and you turned them all down except one

yes i turned some people down but not because they didnt live up to my standards.. 1) im not gonna say yes to someone who already asked one or more people before me.. id rather go alone than go with someone when im there 2nd, 3rd, or 4th choice. 2) if two people who are friends ask me im not choosing between the two of them. im not about to be the girl who comes between two guys for some overrated dance sorrynotsorry.

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Do you think you have high standards in guys?

i dont have "standards"... i like who i like. i dont 'choose' to like certain people. when i like someone theres certain things i like about that person but i wouldnt say its my "standards" because not every guy that ive ever liked has the same qualities. and i really dont have high standards for anyone. i dont expect everyone i know to be nice i dont hold anyone to a certain standard. im friends with people that match well with my personality and im not friends with people that dont.. the same goes for guys i like. i dont hold anyone to a certain 'standard'. i think we can all agree that most of the time you dont have control over who the person you have feelings for is. so no i dont think i have "high standards" for guys.

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