Ask @AshtheHusky:

What your first toys when you was a puppy? and did you like them? did they last for long? what are you recommends for a Husky puppy?

Great question! And I'd have to say that while squeaker toys are my most favorite now, I hated them when I was smaller! They loud noises startled me, and I just wanted something to chew on that didn't make noises... Stuffed animals that I could wrestle with were my favorite because they were just like my brothers and sisters. I missed them a lot when Mom and Dad brought me to my new home. I don't have any of those anymore because my teeth are so sharp I destroyed them! hehe :) Mom says that for a Husky puppy like me, quality is best and that usually comes at a price. Rope toys are a great option and I've used the same ropes for months now! They really do last and they're cheap. I love them!!

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If you became a multi-millionaire overnight, what would you buy?

A new house with a lot of grass!! The hot summer days are so nice when you have a shaded patch of grass against your fur. We just have sand in our yard, which is so awesome for digging because that's one of my favorite things to do. I just..I just love grass! I'd dig that stuff up too, but not so much because there would be none left. :(

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What's your favorite treat?

So excited you asked (& now that u have, I must remind momma what time it is!) Hm, I like 'em all really, but mom was being mean the other day and got me super excited for treat time. She didn't tell me it would be a yucky one for my teef! Ugh, I must have done something she didn't like or sumtin.. I let her know it was gross and grunted VERY loudly. I will eat anything that is not that. ruff.

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