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Logon ko.. University mein lerki milti hai.. Askfm pey milti hai facebook pey milti hai.. Tinder py milti hai.. Whatsapp py random call pey mil jati haiiiiii... Instagram py milti hai... Raa chalte milti hai.. School n College mein mil jati hai... Yaar meri Qismaat extra he kharab hai.. Haina?

Larkee har kisee ko mil he jaatee hay par us rishtay ko nikkah mein badalna koee koee karta hay.

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Be with someone who??

Is sincere to you, kind to you, someone who respects you. For whom your happiness means the world. Someone who wants you to be the answer to their duas. Someone who prays for your long, healthy and happy life. Someone who wants you to succeed in life even if you don't want them to be a part of it. Someone who accepts you with your flaws and pushes you to be the best version of yourself. Someone who asks Allah to open up your heart to them so that when you let them in, they can take care of you. Someone who prays for your happiness even if you're angry with them or don't want them in your life. Someone who prays for you because Allah put you in their heart and guided your soul to them. Someone wjo sticks to you despite you being hostile and rude and prays to Allah because that's the only thing they can do for you.

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