Ask @AskBoutzie:

Thank you very much. I see you have even traveled and connected with a lot of different people through the fashion world. So do you have any tips on anything particular in the fashion world?

Thank you, and I just begun. But thank you for thinking I have advice. Its an honor.
But here are some tips that I have learned from personal experience.
1. The fashion is and will forever be a capitalism industry.
2. Beware of those posers and copiers.
3. Trademark, copyright, patent all of your work so dont risk seeing in publication.
4. Always keep original edits, pictures, sketches of your work.
5. Don't seek internships or work experience with the big names, start small.
6. Create a blog to use as resume, and documentation of what your doing.
7. Never speak on your moves to anyone within the industry.
8. Always observe and watch.
9. Your black and the fashion industry is racist. Keep tough skin.
10. NY, LA, GA are not the top locations Europe is.
11. Study fashion from all perspectives, and study other cultures fashion worlds.
12. Be you and never down play who you are and what the vision is.

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