Ask @AskDrybear:

When it comes to champion design, there's a great amount of variety - however, are there any "don'ts" when it comes to champion design? Like a line to never be crossed or a type of playstyle or ability that you would never implement into paladins?

The short answer is to never create anything that is not fun for both the person playing it and the enemy on the receiving end. There are infinite ways to find fun, and that's a goal that is always being chased.

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I was going throught he voice lines of newer champions, and they had lines for destroying gates and siege engines on the wiki, does this mean you guys are considering addind the old siege back???

That was legacy from the beta modes, but I'm a huge fan of maintaining backup options to give us freedom in the future. There's plenty of voice over work in Paladins that is there just in case.

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Don't you think that the double tank/sup metas are forced into the game due to wrecker and cauterize been so strong?

They would likely be unstoppable without them. We are looking into ways to make that feel a bit more even, like lowering all healing and shield health along with wrecker/cauterize. But it is important those counters stay strong to discourage deathballs.

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I really like the idea of Healer Supports and Utility Supports coexisting in the game (Ying vs Pip). Is this the direction you guys want supports to be going in or are they meant to be Healers? I've discussed this quite a bit on the Subreddit but I am wondering what your opinion is on the subject.

We like the diversity within roles like Pip vs Ying as you mentioned, and will be creating more champions that push those boundaries in the future.

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What's the bonus movement speed cap?

Bonus Movement Speed operates on a "Strongest Wins" system, meaning only the strongest source is applied. In addition, there is also a diminishing return on the value (at a high high number) where bonus Movement Speed starts to become valued less. This allows us to create a large number of cards, items, and buffs that apply Movement Speed.

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