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Is there any difference between the PSP and PS3 versions of Sora trilogy aside from graphics?

The PS3 versions are PSP remasters. They are 100% the same, aside from the graphics. You can even transfer your save files between the two.
Now, the PS3 versions also contain wallpapers and the soundtracks with them, so you're getting the entire OST as mp3 with it that you can install and transfer off of the PS3, if you're interested. They also have a bunch of themes that can be used as well.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who is the fairest Kiseki maiden of them all!?!

Popularity via Fandom? Probably Estelle or Renne. My opinion? Ries. Totally.

If Ys I Eternal was your first import, what was your first Falcom game? And if that was your first then... what was your first domestic release?

I didn't pay attention to the developer when I played it, but I played Legacy of the Wizard ages and ages ago on the NES. I had no clue it was a Falcom game at all!
My first Falcom game I actively sought to play was Ys III on the SNES, though. ...and that almost ruined any chances of me having any interest in the games. It was only when I saw how Ys I and II played that made me reach out to give it a shot again- I played a ROM of the NES ports of Ys I and II.
It wasn't long after that when I finally got Ys I Eternal and that kind of started my obsession with Falcom's games.

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