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Any good sites to import Falcom's games?

Depends on what you're looking for. Falcom will ship internationally, but they only use EMS and you have to perform the transaction via email. However, I've been ordering from Falcom's mail service for over a decade now- and if you want something that they currently have available on their online store, it's definitely possible to order through them. You don't have to speak Japanese for it either- they will do the transaction in English, but you'll need to keep your sentences simple for them.
I have the steps for how to import on the FAQ on my website.

What would you call your 'hidden gem' of a Falcom game? One that doesn't get as much notice, but is right up there with the best.

I want to point to Dinosaur Resurrection for one. I love it. I've not finished it, sadly enough... but it's an amazing game. And it's beautiful, too. And frustrating. I need to pick it up again.
I also have to say Brandish the Dark Revenant on PSP. I honestly have never had so much fun being trolled by a game in my life. It was awesome.

If Ys I Eternal was your first import, what was your first Falcom game? And if that was your first then... what was your first domestic release?

I didn't pay attention to the developer when I played it, but I played Legacy of the Wizard ages and ages ago on the NES. I had no clue it was a Falcom game at all!
My first Falcom game I actively sought to play was Ys III on the SNES, though. ...and that almost ruined any chances of me having any interest in the games. It was only when I saw how Ys I and II played that made me reach out to give it a shot again- I played a ROM of the NES ports of Ys I and II.
It wasn't long after that when I finally got Ys I Eternal and that kind of started my obsession with Falcom's games.

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what was the first falcom game you imported? :)

Ys I Eternal. There are some people who have been importing their games far longer than I've been.

Who is best Falcom girl?

Oh goodness. tough question!
Definitely not Lilia. ;)
I'm leaning towards saying either Estelle or Feena, personally.

Do you think there's any real chance of seeing JDK Band appear overseas? A better question is budget aside, would fans in the West care enough to go to a live?

I don't know if there are enough fans to justify it. the JDK Band is doing an Asia tour this year for the Kiseki Series 10th Anniversary, so they are definitely interested in international performances.
I think that if they were to perform in the west, it would need to be piggybacked onto a gaming or anime convention, and that convention will have to do a lot of work to introduce the congoers to them. However, if it worked? I can almost guarantee you that Falcom's going to also have a LOT of new fans in the West, too.

What do you think of Xseed's translations for Trails?

While there are some hiccups in it, I think that XSEED's script for FC is fantastic. She has been tweeting that she's been working on SC's script as well to give it the same polish FC had. This is great news!

you sure do like grabbing attention and making a big deal out of things a lot of people don't care about like "sorry i haven't updated my site in ages" and "this post is so difficult to write ughh" on twitter. are you aware of it, or not really? - mr. yes I realize I'm being rude

I apologize for that. These are never meant to be an attention grab; they're more meant to carry conversations on via twitter. I believe the first is a legitimate comment- especially as a I do miss posts when I am eaten alive by real life, and posts that I should have written never make it on there. The second, I do apologize for if they're bothersome and I'll try to cut down on them.

As a long time fan of Nihon Falcom, what is your take on the recent rise in the number of their titles getting licensed and localized? Do you think more can be done to really promote the brand overseas?

I'm excited at the number of games that have come out recently- and XSEED's partnership has done amazing things for Falcom. To try to get the brand overseas, it would be best to try the word of mouth aspect, since XSEED (they have the partnership, afterall) has such a low advertising budget. If sites are asking about games they want their readers to review or talk about encourage Falcom titles! That sort of thing.
The primary issue we had recently was the fact that a majority of Falcom's console releases were on the PSP, which is now dead in North America. :( We can hope that they can release some of those titles for Vita and/or PS3/4 or something as well.

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