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Do you think you could ever be in a "friend with benefits" situation? If so do you have anyone in mind?

No, I don't. I don't like the idea friends with benefits because if we are friends, I shouldn't depend on them for desires beyond a friend. Plus, that plan backfires more than people think. That's like making your friend your second choice. If you don't have someone to meet those wants, then you go to the friend. But if you do, the friend is left hanging until needed again. Someone will get hurt.

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Which was your most memorable birthday?

My most memorable birthday was my 17th birthday. I was in New York for the first time in my life and enjoying the different people, environment, and vibe. It was pretty cool! Before I left for New York, my parents told me that we would have a small get-together to a "have a good summer vacation" know...just friends and family. Just chill. So, I decided to call people and plan activities. Not aware that I was planning my own birthday party. Everyone got there and out of nowhere, all I hear is "Happy birthday to you!" I was like wow...that's just messed up. So, parents, if you want your child to have a surprise party and you don't feel like planning it, have them do it unconsciously. It'll get done right. lol

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What do you believe God has planned for your life?

I believe that God has expansions planned in every area in my life. He has given me talents and skills that I will use for Him. Because I have dedicated my talents to Him, He continues to bless me knowing I don't deserve it. I know God has big plans for me. No, I don't see the whole picture just yet, but I trust Him whole heartily knowing whatever the full plan is going to blow my mind.

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