Ask @AskMaiTai:

Do you get annoyed if guys ask you out in the gym? Also would do you think would be the best approach to asking a girl out in the gym?

No, I don't get annoyed as long as they do it with respect.
As for advice? Well, first and foremost, don't continue to check her out like a piece of meat for too long lol. Maybe try to catch her before she leaves or as she enters...between reps...etc. so you aren't interrupting her. Also, it's more idea to try when she has one or both earbuds removed so it's not as intimidating/awkward.
All in all, be yourself.

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What is your experience in being an interracial person and have you noticed interracial people get treated any different from regular people? Personally I like it when people try to guess my ethnicity XD

I've never been called an "interracial" person, lol. Maybe multiracial, but anyways... I can't really say as I've only experience life as myself. I've gotten some weird comments. A lot of people think I'm Middle Eastern which isn't correct at all. I've only seen odd reactions to interracial DATING not a multiracial person. I think we (Idk..America) is moving in the right direction towards multiracial children as more of them are being born.

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Eighth question, stepping out of anime till I got a good anime question. Do you have any other hobbies other then watching anime? Video games, writing, ect? (From my last question, I hope one day that Accel World continues because so much love for it. Before it would have been Durarara but yeah.) xD

Yes, I play video games. I also do freelance graphic design. I like to do some active activities when able such as canoeing and hiking as well.

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Kind of an odd question, but what do you think of attention seeking girls wearing skimpy outfits at the gym? My gym has female-only hours so if they're working out with the guys either they're very busy during those times or looking for attention.

Well, I'm not sure of your definition of skimpy...for example I wouldn't find a sports bra skimpy even if I wear more than that. Secondly, I work out with dudes sometimes... I'm not sure if I'd want to workout during female only hours. I don't think a girl is seeking attention just for going during other hours, busy or not. However, I do think girls who go to workout and don't do anything (walk around the track twice lol) then post booty yoga pants pics as if they did something...yeah I do think that's attention seeking. That being said, guys do similar things as well.

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Fourth question, what character did you find the most interesting in any anime you have watched and why? (From my last question, I hate allot, if not all of the cast in Baccano which is my most hated anime of all time)

Interesting question.
It's a toss up between Spike (Cowboy Bebop) or Haruko (FLCL).
Why? I've always been intrigued by Spike's character, and Haruko is just captivating.

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