Ask @Ask_ThatGuyAlexavier:

Love the 6505 demo song you did. The riffage blows my mind. Such a cool style. Can I ask the cliche old question? Do you have a guitar pro file on this? or tabs? Would love to learn it. Or maybe a backing track? I'm a big fan of what you do, keep it up brother.

thanks man! unfortunately no tabs i could possibly send you a backing track if i have the stems, i'd have to dig around .

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Hello there, I am fucking tired of playing in my bedroom and since my band doesn't go fucking nowhere because it's just my trying to work I am looking to start ascending all by myself. Can you give me some tips? Secondly, what material would you recommend to start a good youtube channel? ( good in

you sound like you're in the same position that i'm in haha! my only advise would be is to start writing some jams, get on social media (twitter , youtube, facebook, soundcloud, xhamster,) post some songs up, maybe do a few covers, a gear demo here and there, most importantly make friends in the community! the "internet/YouTube guitar dude" is kinda of a standard now days so that would be my only advise to get a start on it.
As far as Material go's i'd post something up like "Busta rhymes djent mash up" people love that type of shit =D
i'm terrible at answering questions but i hope that helps dude.

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I've been debating about getting an attenuator or one of the Two Notes Audio products. Any suggestions? I just can't crank my Peavey 5150 like I'd love to. I'd prefer to use my Mesa 2x12 I have as well.

if you wanna crank the shit out of your 5150 and have amazing tone the torpedo is the way to go.. they make a couple different models and i think one of them actually has a an attenuator built in .. ands lets not forget a plethora of cabs, and mic options to chose from!

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Hey Alex..the song you did to demo the Peavey 6505,will be on your project Master Transit

Maybe, i think it needs some re-arranging, most parts were kinda done with a " tongue in cheek " intention like that stupid ass sweep... i hate that shit.
i'll throw up the demo version on soundcloud and you can download it for free if you'd like. ^_^

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Hi, dude. love your music and gear review videos. I'm using a 15w orange head with a 212 cab at home. and just can turn the volume at about 7 o'clock…I'm wondering if I change the head to a 100w 5150/6505, will my neighbours be going crazy? whats your volume and gain settings in 6505 at home? Thanks

i run my heads through a two notes torpedo so i never have to worry about making my neighbor's ears bleed ... you should do the same ...

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