Ask @AssNiggaaa:

Since I follow you um... lemme get a cookie

kardashian booty
Lmfaoo or nah [:

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Are u bi-sexual?


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so @tiaralindaxo is dating @naujour they dating talking yesterday and shes already cheating smfh yesterday she posted a pic on ig and some guy was like hmu cutie and she was like hmu sexy and gave him her kik then she deleted the comments to hide the evidence smh thoughts?

leave my best friend and his girlfriend alone why do you keep bothering them let them be happy

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Follow back beautiful ? ❤️

Donee ♡

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r u dating a girl

noo -.- a guy.

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lol ig he mad.

lol I guess. but I ain't worried.

View more Here Gorgeous . (Future wife lmfaao)

Thanks Love ♥ ;*

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@AssNigga is a fake page , I got proof and I'm exposing her today :)

lmfao k.

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Nun some mf anon talking bout they gone expose you babe.

lmfaooo that's probably donny. cause I ain't block nobody.

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watching tv bored ,hbu?

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yes babe? [:

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you want your first daughter yo he a girl? Lmaoo, well is your daughter gonna be a boy?

LMFAOO. yoo come off anon xD

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You're Perf!

its something about chaaa girl
& makes my head wannaa twirl
ooo you got me wanted to tell all them other girlls
its nothing better on this world ♥♥ lmao

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pap how thick u are

or how cute I am .-.

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Can, I make you a FlipaGram? Lmfaao . *random question*

Lmfao Sure [:

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do you have a big butt

what cunt reported my picture?

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That made no since. *arrow pointing down*

I know lmfaooo I did it on purpose.

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Lmfaooo xD

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good morning lovelys ♥ [:

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Hey Can You Like 30 Of My Answers,I Will Return.Thank You❤️✨.

30? I can barely like 10 answers. that's to much.

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niggas be asking trifling ass questions lml

You ain't never lied lmao

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vid. of u twerking

Why do I have 610 questions? -.-

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