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Would you rather have a male boss or a female boss?

Rigs Sun!
It's not up for me to decide cause both bosses can turn out to be bullies and real jerks as well. Jerk bosses tend to yell at your faces unnecessarily which is one of my trigger points as well. However it doesn't matter whether it's a female boss or male boss cause i'll make sure that both of them are gonna face consequences for teasing my patience

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Paternal cousins or Maternal cousins??💕

Paternal cousins are either of my age or a little older but i'd rather not hangout or mention about them. As for maternal cousins, they're all little and i'm the eldest among my maternal cousins so they do respect me a lot. However they do tend to be annoying as well and i like to annoy them back by winning every single meaningless arguement against them. Nothing satisfies as much as winning an arguement against a kid. No annoying kid can ever suppress me by his/her annoyance

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How was your day today? what did you do ?

Bur El Burrito
My day was rather sad cause i don't know why but recently many people are dying in my neighborhood. Last week 3 people (2 elderly and 1 who was in his mid teens) passed away each day cause whenever i would return home from an errand, i would always see a group of people carrying the coffin towards the graveyard since last week. That's just last week and today i got to know that an office committed suicide by shooting himself on the head. It sucks to know about this both as an outsider and a participant

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What is your favorite motivational quote? 💡

Welp he certainly did a number of things to entertain and make us laugh but i'm sure of one thing that people barely hanged around this guy, heck even his girlfriend in the series left him for another man and it never bothered him. Not even once, all he needs is his teddy and the company of himself to enjoy life.

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MashAllah bro, im a pakistani and apka yeh message bohot hi acha hai

Obliged though considering the love of Pakistan for China. Many would disagree with what i've said but i also urge the people to not just believe in Everything i say, research about it and indeed there wouldn't be no Pakistan without the help of China but that doesn't we should ingnore China mistreating our brothers and sisters like that

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Something worth reading? 💯

تو فیل خان
The silence over the Chinese treatment of the Uyghur muslims is something that we should be guilty of. Chinese consider the religion of islam as a mental illness so they capture the uyghurs not just from their own country but around the world, even from Pakistan and the USA. Inside the concentration camps they starve them, force them to eat pig's meat and try to brainwash them into thinking that there is no religion. If we can speak up and protest for the Palestinians, yemenis, kashmiris and Syrian muslims then why not for the Uyghurs? If we condemn the genocide of the Palestinians and kashmiris then Xinjiang is another Palestine in the east of asia, Xinjiang is another Kashmir in the east of asia. We must remember that we're Muslims at first and then we're Pakistanis, Saudis, etc.

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Have you ever thought about going somewhere where nobody knows you and starting a new life?

Not really, i've studied in the same institute for over 4 years and due to my lack of interaction with people. Almost 0.5 out 50 people or even less than that would know who i am or even think the that i study in the same institute as them. No matter where i go or how long i stay at a place, people would barely notice me so basically i start a new life everyday.

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Do you support India or Pakistan? 🇮🇳 🇵🇰

I have to go with the Pakistanis on this one cause Pakistan has proved that it really is peace a loving country but India took this is as a weakness. Indeed India underestimated Pakistan because of that but despite all the warnings India has given, Imran Khan still gave peace a chance but even so he refused to accept the noble prize for peace cause he thinks he's not worthy of it. Indian media has brainwashed its people and fueled their anger showing just one side of the story. Despite knowing about the consequences of war, India still chose to act with aggression showing how much they're blinded by rage and fooled by their propaganda to take revenge.

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There were some news that it would get banned in Pakistan but I don't know anything further updates on this and well, this whole crappy app depends on fame & even if they post something on an important issue, people start demanding to remove it.

I don't think it's banned in Pakistan cause the date of it's banishment was at 10th of january. I think the app is still available to the Pakistanis. I even saw a post regarding Peshawar school massacre where one person made a reality check about that as well on tik tok and there were many people who were demanding to remove that as well

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I guess it depends on human psyche. They see this content to make themselves feel comparatively more sane & just like this these people become "celebrities". Some credit goes to extra amount of filters & makeup they apply aur kuch public ki cheap choice & sense of humor responsible hai.

Then there's also where people dress up weirdly and there were also a couple of negative content. These sorts of acts often end up influencing the minds of minors wrongly. There were also a couple reports that children are being groomed by pedophiles through such apps but i don't know whether the report is authentic or not but if it is then this app should definitely be banned

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+3 answers in: “Tik Tok or”