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Expectations v/s reality?

Faby Fateesha
Me starting 3rd season of riverdale (spoiler alert)
No matter how many unnecessary gay characters are in this show. Despite of my disgust, i'll continue it cause it couldn't get worse than it already is.
-Sees the 14th episode finding out Archie's mother was a part of the alphabet gang-
That's it, i'm dropping this series

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Nobody needs a pugnacious puzzle Especially when the heart is ailing And the mind is meek and morose... * if my questions are bothering you in any way.. you can tell me and I'll make sure you never get them again. (:*

Nah it's alright i'm not bothered at all, your questions often make me realize how dumb i am honestly so even if i don't have a suitable answer for them. I want your questions to keep on coming

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First conversation between a man and a woman

Ibn Abbas (RA) and a group of companions of the Prophet (SAW) narrated that when Iblis was sent out of paradise and Adam was accommodated therein, Adam (AS) was alone in paradise. He slept for some time and when he woke up, he saw a woman whom Allah created from the his ribs
So he asked her "who are you?"
She replied "A woman"
He asked "Why have you been created?"
She said "So you could find comfort in me"
Source: Stories of the Prophets [Chapter: Story of Adam and Eve] by Ibn Katheer, publisher: Darus-salam

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