I always thought that your game was too neat for such a small team and that made me suspicious from the start. Now I read on the Steam announcements that you're starting from scratch and it's cause you changed the programmer. I just wanna know what happened. Was it something out of whack?

The only thing that we started from scratch is the game's code, everything else will be exactly the same.
Back in September we had a different perspective about things with the previous partner, and didn't feel like we could continue the development along him. We didn't want any trouble with intellectual property rights and to avoid that we didn't take the code.
We are now working with a new programmer and advanced a lot in the development. We also added new stuff that we thought impossible to make, so we are more confident about the game progress right now :)
We talked about this in recent Kickstarter updates and we'll change the website soon with a devblog section, where you can take a look to the development process.

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