it has the swag so give it the taste!! it is not a serious question but i'm on it i've always wanted to see the squid-thing with an 'oceanic' color. yk some camouflage like the octopoossies - lol i hate these guys- but with a more bright tone. can u do that? or it will be possible with their skills?

Ey pal! the squid-thing is actually an alien plant, not an animal, and its camouflage ability is inspired by the translucent effect of plants like the Haworthia called "windowed leaves" the effect that the plant generates, it's more like a Predator camo. Here is a sneak peak of the effect ingame (the one from the right): about the color scheme, Subject W is, as early stated, a sentient plant, and for that sole purpose is green :D (and even has a slight blue tone to differentiate it from the rest of normal plants).

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