i bought the silver edition a while ago, and i go back to the download link at humblebundle every once and a while for updates, but nothing changes. it says its alpha version 1.1.2. isnt the demo link being updated?

Walker Maher
We didn't update the demo because the basic structure of the game is being constantly modified and some mechanics could show problems. We are working on a different environment inside Unity and stuff that you saw in the demo build is no longuer there (rooms moved, other enemies, cutscenes, etc). We'll probably update the demo again when we come close to beta version so people can experience the gameplay changes.
Some of the things that have been upgraded since ver. 1.1.2:
- entering hideouts from any position
- sprite fixes for graphical errors
- arrows showing vertical conducts
- new signals and clearer maps for corridors
- enhanced state bubbles for the enemies

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