Ask @AstralInflux:

You said looks are the first thing and then the last thing?

Yes, as its the first thing I notice because I don't really talk to people. So that gets the ball rolling in a sense, but isn't a crucial part at all, and is just generally the way things go and if I happened to meet someone and talked to them and they were smart and such that first part could be bypassed entirely. Its a rather nonsensical idea to explain, but yes, Its the first thing, and the last thing.

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What do you look for in a person?

Well, generally the initial attraction is looks, yes that is pretty hollow sounding, but that is how someone catches my eye at first glance as I am not the most social person in existence so Its not like I know anything about them that I would like or dislike other than they look nice. Past that initial bit, once I at least attempt to talk to them its a test of intelligence and humor, as someone who is pretty but dumb as a pile of bricks is someone I am not attracted too, nor someone who has no sense of humor at all. Then comes general similarities in things we like because it makes for easier conversation and such, for example Briar and I both like music. And cats. Aaanyways, then looks come in, but by this point good looks are less important as I am interested in a good intellectual relationship before one thats just about attractiveness. Sooo yeah.

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