Ask @Attarou:

How many Heather-related questions do you ask anonymously?

I don't. Doing that kind of shameless self-promotion anonymously is transparently obvious. I think Archival even called me out on it, or something like it, quite some time ago. Trying to get people interested is good; flooding them with questions related to stuff that isn't actually theirs isn't. In fact, it'll upset them. I recently had a wake-up call about toning things down again when I found out a friend of mine was actually dreading talking to me (for their privacy and mine, don't ask, I'm not giving any details).
You ever see that one episode of Freakazoid, where he's answering questions at a panel, except all the questions are about Superman? The feeling is something like that. Don't do it.
I might actually stop commenting on threads if people keep posting screencaps/linking to the Heather Twitter. It's pissing people off - if they wanted to see it, they'd already be following her twitter account. Please stop doing that, stop forcing Heather, and let everyone enjoy the threads in peace.

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