Ask @AtwinaRizki:

When you feel sad, what cheers you up?

moi brother and sisters. they're look so cute i couldn't pengen uyel uyel rasanya ucing ucing ㅠㅠ because i have no dongsaeng so they're like my lil sis and bro. apalagi dirumah jadi anak satu-satunya ya udah deh bisanya apa atuh kalo ga uyel-uyel ucing ucing emessss

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What's the craziest thing you've done for someone you love?

i learned about unconditional love nowadays,even when i got hurt and wounded after being bitten i still love you with all my heart.
i love you with every smell of your poop and your pee, i love you even when you whined a lot because you wanted to get hug or even you're hungry and thirsty.
i got a claw attack and scar all over my body but yes i love you muchhhhhhh kiddos.
sehat-sehat ya sayang, mau kamu se pesing apa sekotor apa mau senakal apapun jangan khawatir pasti masih diciumin sampe kamu risih, dipelukin sampe kamu nyakar hihi
for : joliucingkepoandigembulmoiucilgendut and the late mui and kambing

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