Ask @AudreyWihardja:

Lo udah diselingkuhin, dibohongin, dikhianatin tp masih mau terima dan maafin. Trs lu melakukan satu kesalahan yg sbnrnya itu ga salah2 bgt dan doi lgsg ninggalin lu beda jauh sm apa yg lu lakuin ke dia pas dia beneran salah. Pertanyaannya moveon atau stay?

Move on lahhhh , so many more this world can offer you!! Masa stay with that 1 guy/girl and live in that misery for the rest of your lives ?? Be smarter than that .

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Would u be interested in a long distance relationship

actually, im not.. why? because being in a relationship means u have to have trust between each other, physical support and communication. It's really hard to achieve all of the above when there are time differences and busy schedules of the individuals. I've learnt that LDR is impossible for me, maybe not for everyone because maybe you will meet each other often like every month or so but no I don't think I can nor will I be motivated to. I can meet someone new here kok, maybe it will take some time to meet a new person but patience is key.
that's all I have to say about LDR.

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