Ask @AuniSalehan:

Share something you're grateful for today.

irl; nothing and most likely i will repeat that dmn paper cuz idk what i wrote, fml. and also, tomorrow paper, i can read the future. ion even know wht i'm reading rn.
internet; ongniel went to see their subway ads and mmo suing the antis, aye.

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hi akak dkt uum ada sediakan bas tak untuk pergi airport? or naik public transport je?

this is university dik so everything is self service, hehehe goodluck!

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Hi sis, would like to ask you a few ques abt uum 😂

feel free to ask anything^^ but i'm so sorry if my response if slow cuz i'm in the midst of final exam rn

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Sis, time pendaftaran uum parents bleh naik bilik pelajar x?

dah daftar 2 hari lepas kan... mesti dah tahu. sorry lambat, final exam sekarang :(

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Kak kat uum kan kelab renang aktif tak? Banyak laki eh? Perempuan melayu ada tak?

hm, not really sure about kelab renang tapi kawan kita ada je pergi. ada je melayu perempuan, yang pakai tudung pun ada je pergi sana.

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how did get asasi in UUM without interview?

tbh i didn't know. rezeki maybe? my fate? and btw i'm the second batch so it's still new and not many people know about that...

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