Ask @Aureylian:

Do you think trolls or haters deserved to be public shamed?

I think there's a difference between -shaming- someone, and letting them know that what they've done is not okay and that it's upset you. Posting something with their name and information, or instructing people to go say "YOU'RE A BAD PERSON!" is wrong, yes, but I do think sometimes people need to see the stuff that YouTuber's deal with to understand why we have a hard time.
Almost every youtuber at some point has posted something saying "look at what some A-Hole sent me". We're not perfect. We get upset and we want people to see things we get that upset us, or show how awful people can be. Again, I think there's a difference between posting a comment, and leading your entire following on a witch hunt.

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do you see some of the drama that goes on in your fandom or do you just ignore it?

Do I typically see it? No. And when I do, I don't usually get involved because I know that, often pretty quickly, the drama goes away. I have such little spare time, that I'd rather focus on the positive aspects and people who are kind and supportive, than to spend that time dealing with negativity and hate, especially when I'm not directly involved.
I'll say this. From what I've seen, there is no "right" side. Responding to someone you disagree with by calling them names, doesn't help. Telling someone to "fuck off" or making them feel unwanted doesn't help. Telling someone that an issue within a group is solely their responsibility doesn't help. Commenting with your opinion on who is right or wrong doesn't help.
The only things that help any issue go away are either a) ignoring it or b) countering it by offering to support someone with KIND words. You're not "standing up for yourself" calling someone names. You're not "justifying" any argument by being hurtful back. If you aren't actively trying to solve the problem, being involved it in just makes you part of it.
TLDR: If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all.
That being said, I will continue to love every single person in the community. We're all here because we started with a central common interest: gaming. I've worked very hard for the past three years to make everyone feel welcome, to make sure everyone knows that they are loved and supported regardless of their lifestyle, or religion, or gender, or race, or personal beliefs. I will continue to hold that as best I can and do what it takes to make sure that every one of you knows that you are appreciated, I just hope that in time those of you who cannot be kind to each other learn to adopt the same practice.
XoXo, Aurey

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