Ask @AustinParker651:

Which non Echo Fighters do you think have a good chance of still making it in Super Smash Bros Ultimate?

Honestly, I don't feel like going with the obvious (Like Skull Kid and whatnot) so I'll instead go with the obscure
So....Mach Rider, you remember him right? he's pretty much a trophy in Melee up until that point where he's not even there as a trophy, I kinda feel like Mach Rider would be a perfect playable character, I know this is unlikely but hey, we gotta get some obscure ones here
Hear me out but I just wanna say....Tetris block would have a good chance of being a playable character...again, this may sound unlikely, but think about's final smash could be the Tetris blocks forming a giant Tetris man, how cool would it be?
as for third party characters that could be in this, I would say Mai Shiranui since well, SNK Heroines is coming to switch, I know this is a stupid reason but hey, don't tell me what to do
also probably Jack Cayman from MadWorld, I mean hey with characters from M-Rated games like Solid Snake and Bayonetta, it may or may not be possible for him to be here

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You there! Are you also disappointed that Waluigi won't be playable in the new Super Smash Bros game? If you are, then help us add Waluigi to Smash Bros. Ultimate by signing this Petition! #JusticeForWaluigi #MakeWaluigiGreatAgan #MakeSuperSmashBrosFunnyAgain via @UKChange

Billy Slaven
I don't understand why accepting the fact that Waluigi will remain an Assist Trophy is out of the question, but I digress...but hey, Waluigi would be good as a playable character, at least Sans from Undertale won't be in Smash Ultimate (yeah, some people suggested him...I am not kidding)

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