Which non Echo Fighters do you think have a good chance of still making it in Super Smash Bros Ultimate?

Honestly, I don't feel like going with the obvious (Like Skull Kid and whatnot) so I'll instead go with the obscure
So....Mach Rider, you remember him right? he's pretty much a trophy in Melee up until that point where he's not even there as a trophy, I kinda feel like Mach Rider would be a perfect playable character, I know this is unlikely but hey, we gotta get some obscure ones here
Hear me out but I just wanna say....Tetris block would have a good chance of being a playable character...again, this may sound unlikely, but think about it...it's final smash could be the Tetris blocks forming a giant Tetris man, how cool would it be?
as for third party characters that could be in this, I would say Mai Shiranui since well, SNK Heroines is coming to switch, I know this is a stupid reason but hey, don't tell me what to do
also probably Jack Cayman from MadWorld, I mean hey with characters from M-Rated games like Solid Snake and Bayonetta, it may or may not be possible for him to be here

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