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You Rock!! Your music is great inspiration for gym. Favorite metal bend?

It's hard to pinpoint a favorite, considering they're are so many different styles within the Metal genre. I listen to anything from Classic Metal to Progressive and beyond. There are some bands who only have a single album (or sometimes a single song) that I enjoy, but If I had to name bands that I like for more than one album, with some sort of Metal element in their music, it would be the following (in no particular order): Slipknot, Periphery, Metallica, Slayer, Underoath, Zao, Animals as Leaders, All Shall Perish, Hatebreed, Embodyment, Skillet, Project 86, Dream Theater, Bring Me The Horizon, and A Day To Remember.

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What was your favorite band growing up?

Wytols’s Profile PhotoEmils
Oddly enough, my favorite act growing up wasn't a band at all, it was Michael Jackson. I loved the grandiosity and high energy of his live performances as well as the ways he progressed the art of film-making with music. I didn't start really listening to bands until much later. My first favorites would have been mostly Punk groups such as MxPx, Misfits, NOFX, and various acts from both Fat Wreck Chords and Tooth & Nail Records.

Do you listen some european rap/hip-hop?

I listen to a little bit of everything. I've heard some great international hip-hop artists and I'm always interested in listening to something new. The only Euro rapper I can think of straight away that I listen to is MF DOOM, who may be considered more of an American East Coast artist from the U.K.

Hey Avery, I'm an aspiring musician who's essentially just getting started (I have one EP and three solo songs out), and I'm looking to build a fairly big audience and get my work out there as much as possible. Knowing you've been there, what would you suggest I do to reach this goal? Thank you!

Mortal_God’s Profile PhotoEdgar Vilhelm
First and foremost, be genuine in everything that you do. We live in an exciting age of technology and possibility, where almost anything is now possible at the click of a button. That said, be wise and don't use it to cut corners or try to make a "fast buck". I think human beings as a whole are very savvy, regardless of what mass media often tries to portray; those people now have even greater means to talk amongst each other (comments, forums, social media, etc.). I mention this because if you're not doing what you do for the right reasons and from the heart, people will call you out when they smell something fishy. The best suggestion I could give is to grow organically. Developing a real brand and musical entity will take time if you want to truly make a long-lasting career out of it. I initially set a goal for five years when I began in music, it ended up taking more like ten or fifteen years to get to a place where I was seeing the results I liked. Be willing to commit time to your craft and love the process as you go. Be clever in the ways you can share your music with people. Offer free downloads, trades in exchange for exposure, utilize the internet and share with people indirectly. Everybody likes to come to a conclusion by themselves and no one wants to be told what to do or what they're going to like; especially in America, a country built on rebellion ;). Don't be one of those guys trying to shove your music in people's faces, YELLING IN ALL CAPS HOW YOU'RE THE GREATEST EVER, or "faking it until you make it". There's a lot of misinformation out there that people continuously propagate which has never actually worked, but for some reason the blind keep leading the blind to slaughter. Let people make up their own minds whether they like your music or not. Be present on all the platforms where people come to find music. iTunes, Last.FM, Spotify, YouTube and others are all good places to start. Avery Watts became a huge entity in Central/Eastern Europe because it was being pirated on Torrent sites. Yes, even people pirating your music can be a is a great thing. Realize that we live in a new era and that a good portion of the traditional music industry techniques are now all but dead. Don't be fooled into thinking you make a demo, play a show, get discovered by "Mr. Big", get signed, get a million dollars, then ride off into the sunset rich and famous forever. ;) To the contrary, the good news is that the future is now in YOUR hands and the tools/methods by which you can succeed are now in greater abundance than ever before (not to mention, they're in YOUR hands, not someone else's). In summation: Have fun, be yourself, work hard, never give up, enjoy the process and let the chips fall where they may.

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When will you come to Germany for some tour dates?

Nothing is set at the moment, but we are heavily focused on playing overseas as a whole. There's been a great response in Europe to the music, even breaking onto the Top 25 Album charts for "The Takeover EP". Releasing the new album is the primary focus right now, but our goal is to make it to Germany as soon as possible. It always helps to promote in your local area and spread the music anyway you can. Concert promoters, press, and media have no choice but to pay attention when the people speak. You're always welcome to write streetteam@averywatts.com to find out how you can be more involved and what you can do to help.

How often do you use the Autotune in your songs?

Orodreaf’s Profile PhotoScreame
Not very often. I've learned from past experience that it's best and most efficient to spend more time rehearsing the performance and recording clean/solid takes than it is to try and "fix" something which isn't so great. In the end, it will save you time and help you not to lean on the technology for a great recording. I use pitch correction software for very minor tweaks, most times for corrections that are almost imperceptible, but tighten everything up for that extra little polish on a production. I have used Auto-Tune for an intentional special effect before, which can be very effective if done correctly. At the beginning of "Stand" on 'The Takeover EP', there's a heavy pitch-correcting effect generated by using fast/selective tuning. The vocal intro of that track is meant to have a very digital "lo-fi" sort of dynamic to it. In the end, I eventually felt it sounded more just like overt tuning rather than a sound effect. When I remixed the song for 'The Takeover' full-length album the Auto-Tune was taken off to better serve the part. Simply put, pitch correction can be a very valuable tool as long as it's not abused.

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Is there going to be a tour of some sorts?

Wytols’s Profile PhotoEmils
Yes. There will be many tours. Right now the focus is on the new album and the multitude of moving parts involved in a proper worldwide release. The geographical areas that generate the most amount of buzz with fan interaction and promotion will most likely be visited first. The best advice would be if you want the tour to come to you, do whatever you can to raise awareness and promote the music in your area. If you want to get more involved, you can always email streetteam@averywatts.com and request items for promotion.

Hello from Serbia! ^^ what supplements do you take?

Not very many. I once heard a wise man say "Bodies are made in the kitchen", which is the absolute truth. The secret is really to have a balanced diet of healthy fats, carbs and proteins mixed with workouts and good rest. The only supplements I have consistently on hand are a synergistic protein powder (a mix of 4-5 different proteins), a liquid multi-vitamin, glutamine, BCAA's (post-workout) and a joint supplement. You can also take an EFA supplement if you're not getting enough healthy fats in your diet. For the protein I prefer either Max Pro or High 5 by Max Muscle. To this day I haven't found a more clean and straight-forward protein supplement without any garbage or extra ingredients in it. I also use their 'Vit-acell' liquid vitamin, their BCAA's and their L-Glutamine supplement, but there are myriad companies that make the same type of thing. I prefer Labrada's 'Elastijoint' joint supplement, primarily because it's a drink mix with multiple elements in it (I'm not a fan of pills). However, there are multiple companies that make a joint formula in drink mix form as well. On occasion I'll take a pre-workout supplement just in case I want a little extra jump in my step or for stamina, but even then I stick to basic elements that you can find anywhere. These elements include Kre-Alkalyn (pre-buffered Creatine Monohydrate), L-Arginine, and some basic amino acids already found in the body. All in all, I tend to stay away from things that aren't straight-forward. Remember: You can only workout 1-2 hours a day at best, but your food works in your body 24 hours a day. Focus on a clean/robust diet and let the natural fuel of food do the work for you.

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