Hello from Serbia! ^^ what supplements do you take?

Not very many. I once heard a wise man say "Bodies are made in the kitchen", which is the absolute truth. The secret is really to have a balanced diet of healthy fats, carbs and proteins mixed with workouts and good rest. The only supplements I have consistently on hand are a synergistic protein powder (a mix of 4-5 different proteins), a liquid multi-vitamin, glutamine, BCAA's (post-workout) and a joint supplement. You can also take an EFA supplement if you're not getting enough healthy fats in your diet. For the protein I prefer either Max Pro or High 5 by Max Muscle. To this day I haven't found a more clean and straight-forward protein supplement without any garbage or extra ingredients in it. I also use their 'Vit-acell' liquid vitamin, their BCAA's and their L-Glutamine supplement, but there are myriad companies that make the same type of thing. I prefer Labrada's 'Elastijoint' joint supplement, primarily because it's a drink mix with multiple elements in it (I'm not a fan of pills). However, there are multiple companies that make a joint formula in drink mix form as well. On occasion I'll take a pre-workout supplement just in case I want a little extra jump in my step or for stamina, but even then I stick to basic elements that you can find anywhere. These elements include Kre-Alkalyn (pre-buffered Creatine Monohydrate), L-Arginine, and some basic amino acids already found in the body. All in all, I tend to stay away from things that aren't straight-forward. Remember: You can only workout 1-2 hours a day at best, but your food works in your body 24 hours a day. Focus on a clean/robust diet and let the natural fuel of food do the work for you.

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