Hey Avery, I'm an aspiring musician who's essentially just getting started (I have one EP and three solo songs out), and I'm looking to build a fairly big audience and get my work out there as much as possible. Knowing you've been there, what would you suggest I do to reach this goal? Thank you!

Edgar Vilhelm
First and foremost, be genuine in everything that you do. We live in an exciting age of technology and possibility, where almost anything is now possible at the click of a button. That said, be wise and don't use it to cut corners or try to make a "fast buck". I think human beings as a whole are very savvy, regardless of what mass media often tries to portray; those people now have even greater means to talk amongst each other (comments, forums, social media, etc.). I mention this because if you're not doing what you do for the right reasons and from the heart, people will call you out when they smell something fishy. The best suggestion I could give is to grow organically. Developing a real brand and musical entity will take time if you want to truly make a long-lasting career out of it. I initially set a goal for five years when I began in music, it ended up taking more like ten or fifteen years to get to a place where I was seeing the results I liked. Be willing to commit time to your craft and love the process as you go. Be clever in the ways you can share your music with people. Offer free downloads, trades in exchange for exposure, utilize the internet and share with people indirectly. Everybody likes to come to a conclusion by themselves and no one wants to be told what to do or what they're going to like; especially in America, a country built on rebellion ;). Don't be one of those guys trying to shove your music in people's faces, YELLING IN ALL CAPS HOW YOU'RE THE GREATEST EVER, or "faking it until you make it". There's a lot of misinformation out there that people continuously propagate which has never actually worked, but for some reason the blind keep leading the blind to slaughter. Let people make up their own minds whether they like your music or not. Be present on all the platforms where people come to find music. iTunes, Last.FM, Spotify, YouTube and others are all good places to start. Avery Watts became a huge entity in Central/Eastern Europe because it was being pirated on Torrent sites. Yes, even people pirating your music can be a is a great thing. Realize that we live in a new era and that a good portion of the traditional music industry techniques are now all but dead. Don't be fooled into thinking you make a demo, play a show, get discovered by "Mr. Big", get signed, get a million dollars, then ride off into the sunset rich and famous forever. ;) To the contrary, the good news is that the future is now in YOUR hands and the tools/methods by which you can succeed are now in greater abundance than ever before (not to mention, they're in YOUR hands, not someone else's). In summation: Have fun, be yourself, work hard, never give up, enjoy the process and let the chips fall where they may.