Ask @AwesomeOctavia:

This is embarrassing. What sort of shampoo, or soap, would you suggest to someone who.. kind of has hair /all over/ the place- and is less hair and more of a thick sort of.. fur?

Quincy Martin
Hmmm.....I would suggest to use shampoo and conditioner to keep it nice and silky smooth. There is TRESemme, which is good, Herbal Essences, which I love, and Garnier Fructis which I also love. Herbal Essences has some with really nice smells....sooooo whichever is good. :)

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What are your rules that you live by?

Riley Keller
If the lights don't work, don't go in.
If someone stops in front of the car yelling at you to stop, and they are not a cop, run them over.
Don't go into abandoned places.
Check your back seat.
NEVER split up.
Hide your food in your room.
Always lock your doors.
If you don't want someone to eat it put in in your room.
I know there is more but I can't remember them lol

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