Ask @AyaanAltaf1:

There are so many beautiful reasons for you to be happy🌸 Name one!💕🌈

You know we sleep every night thinking that we'll do this and that when we wake up, but the fact is, we don't know what could happen in our sleep, someone i knew died in their sleep, had a heart attack, so when you wake up in the morning , thank Allah for he has given you another day to live and to make your life right❤

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You know that feeling
When you dont trust or get close to anyone like you used to before, you're literally feeling less , you don't care about anything, nor anyone entering your life or exiting from it? You don't have any emotions at all
But there are some days when you feel down without any reason? Like you just wait for someone to actually care about you? But you just keep scrolling through your feed of whatever app you're using? Because you know nothings gonna happen?

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