Ask @Ayasha_Mizuna:

What small gesture from a stranger made a big impact on you?

Hmmm, a big impact... A lot of adorable tigers has approached me, and they all did it in different ways, but one of the better once surely was a lady approaching me with a slap to my tits? Not because I liked it, but because it started the beef with her instantly~ So I could go hard on her without small talk!

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What is a best way for a Domme to make a good first impression for you? Giving you a financial tribute, presenting herself to you on her knees and licking your shoes/boots, or coming to you nude under her coat, just wearing a collar and leash that she offers you?

I like your detailed question!
A domme approaching me is sooo boring if they're all "FUCK ME" kind of thing, it's so annoying and so boring...
Though, creative dommes, acting dommy, with subtle hints here and there is sexy, A DOMME is sexy! So, let the game happen, and don't kneel!... Before I say so~

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what was the most unusual way somebody became acquainted with you

Hmmmm... That is a very good question.... Very good indeed! Let's see...
A long time ago, I had a dominant talking to me, she wanted to break me, but, as she spoke she said stuff like
"Ahh me? I would never kneel down for anyone!"
And, I told her to kneel, she did as I said, but she kept denying it! It was so cute, seeing a domme, denying her actions, when it happens in plain sight!

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