Ask @Ayeshaaabish:

suppose you're in a relationship!! would you be offended if your boyfriend/girlfriend constantly told you ways that you could be more attractive? 👀

For sure
Because your girlfriend or boyfriend's comfortable with however they look
If you're constantly criticizing and trying to change things, and you can't accept/love what they look like
Then you probably shouldn't have advanced things from the beginning

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What will you do when you are in a relationship (your bf/gf madly loves you) but you suddenly develop feelings for another person with whom you can easily engage in a relationship?

If you develop feelings for someone while you're already in a relationship then you should leave the person you're with lol
Because clearly you don't actually genuinely love them, if you have time to completely fall in love with someone else

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if an particular anon questioning u regularly and s/he gives a nickname to u so that u can differ that person from other anons and u keep talking him/her whenever s/he kncks u but after that s/he left no clue so that you can identify his/her real identity...what would u do?

I wonder tomar ki hoise jei atoh specific akta question korte parso 😂
Kintu unfortunately kichu korar nai
Anonymous bole :(

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