Ask @Ayeshaaabish:

What was the first band or musician you were really into? Do you still like it?

I used to really like the Atomic Kittens, t.A.T.u, Jennifer Lopez, and The Corrs
I had a walkman and I loved it and I'd always play their CDs hahah
I don't like the atomic kittens anymore, and I listen to the others when I'm in a throwback mood haha

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✴️QuickSurvey 👉🏻With whom you shouted last ❓ 👉🏻What's your last lie and said to whom ❓ 👉🏻Which ride you rode today last ❓ 👉🏻Last thing you Paid for ❓ *️⃣NB ➖ If you find anything Personal if can ❎

Hasibul Alam Niloy
I shouted at my brother lol
I don't remember the last person I lied to, but I probably said I'm closeby to somewhere but I actually wasn't 😂
The last ride was in my car, I was coming back from the gym
I bought a face mask and a packet of 'love candy' today, they're the last things I paid for

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What's your fav. memory in school/collage/University? It can be funny or awkward doesn't matter.

Saad Rahman
There are so many
There was this one time we were on a ship in sundarban, like two grades went on the trip together
I was in the tenth grade at the time
This one night there was a huge storm, and it was so bad that it flooded the ship
Like water was coming into our rooms
So everyone got up at like three am to help the crew get the cushions and the chairs that literally flew into the water 😂
And then everyone was just talking and chilling in dry rooms
And the whole night was a good memory
The whole trip was, actually

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