Ask @Ayeshaaabish:

What goal do you think humanity is not focused enough on achieving??

U K ↩
Ending Poverty
A lot of powerful people have the means to
Not just with more money
If everyone stopped wasting food, and spent a little bit of their money and put in a little effort
Collectively, we could help a lot of people
It wouldn't even have to be all at once, it could be one country at a time
Because even shudhu rice and water helps someone that's starving right
If everyone really tried together, governments of countries, the UN, general people like us in different countries etc
There would be a drastic effect that would help a lot of people

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what is a polite and non-offending way to say "none of your business" when your closest friends or family showing too much curiosity about your personal life and ask nosy questions.. what should i say?? 😐

There's no way to politely avoid it, unfortunately
But just say no to every question and then say you have to go to the bathroom or something
Then go back to your room and never come back lol
This way they can't ask more questions

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share a memory from pohela falgun, valentines, pohela boishakh or any other festival you like!! you can post a photo if you want..

I never celebrate pohela falgun, but after joining BRAC I realized that it's a huge thing for everyone
So this is a snapchat picture from my first proper pohela falgun
I was going to uttara after spending the whole day at BRAC with flowers and food lol
(Excuse the baje snapchat filter, I'm sorry 😭)

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share a memory from pohela falgun valentines pohela boishakh or any other

Have you ever turned someone down when she/he asked you for date? How did you do it and what did you say? 💔

I can't turn someone down, I feel really bad lol
So I just make an excuse, like I say I'm super busy with exams and that I don't have time etc.
Then I start talking to them as normally as possible to move on from the topic 😂 they usually understand, and I still have good friendships with those people
This is if I'm single though
Now that I'm with someone I just say I'm taken and they back off, then things are normal again

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