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Why do you take all of your pictures at the square in dundalk

I think the square works for me, the pictures always turn out great x

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What shoes would you wear with cigarette pants on a day-to-day basis?

Preppy loafers for a classy yet still casual look! x

Since I started doing squats my thigh gap is gradually disappearing. What's hotter: a thigh gap or a toned bum?

I think they're both good features. Thigh gaps are more to do with the structure of your hip bones so if you naturally have one it'll remain- keep squatting gal.

You should go for a model, you have so much experience on fashion and you've got the aura of one!

I have 0 experience in fashion but I'd love to gain some through an internship or the likes but thank you so much! Someone asked me to try out for model this year and I didn't get it so I don't think that's my position, very understandable though haha.

Sounds great. I'm sure you'll bring on plenty of creative ideas. What would you theme the Fashion Show if you were Stylist?

I would love to bring ankara print into the mix, just because it's so different to the usual stuff you see at the UCD fashion show. I'd probably theme it as modernising other culture's traditional wear into everyday wear. I've been seeing lots of that being done on the runway in the last 2 years so high street stores will be doing it soon.

are you going to do the UCD Fashion Show next year? If so, what position would you go for?

Yes, definitely- if I'm not on erasmus! Stylist if possible :)

what picture comes to your mind when you hear the word bum?

Probably a picture of a time waster who has nothing better to do with their lives than send me stupid irrelevant questions like this xoxo

Why are you hating on Kim K? You would only be too happy to get down on your knees and kiss her louboutins and beg her to give your blog a shoutout! Have some respect for the women who actually mean something to fashion, did you know that she is the 5th most influential person in fashion in the UK?

Kim has great style. I am not 'hating on' her. Last I recalled my Facebook fan page for my blog is called "Kardashian Kouture". Don't be a moron.
Out of curiosity though- what gave you that impression? Maybe you've misunderstood xo.

do you have a room on dubtrack? you should make one so we can watch a movie :p

I have no idea what you're talking about actually haha!

Favourite everyday college outfit??

Realistically I roll out of bed and the thoughts of getting ready is tiring haha so as to not deceive you I'll write it this way:
My 'early mornings' outfit: skinny jeans, leather jacket, beanie and biker boots with a big brown handbag, containing my laptop & other things.
-This is a comfortable look and so easy to throw on. I don't wear makeup either because I'm not fully awake at 8 in the morning.
My 'collegiate style': Blazer, leather skirt, crop top/button up shirts and boots.
Blazer, preppy dress and Oxford's.
I guess you can call it edgy prep! I'll do lookbooks of it soon xo
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Favourite foundation???

L'oreal true match- €15
Mary Kay- €15-20
Lancôme- €38
I've tried all of the above and I love them all. I also have the Mac match master. I used to like it but I don't anymore. Kind of overrated/overpriced! xo

Show us your makeup collection?! :)

Sure thing, I'll put it in a blogpost! :) But I actually don't have a lot because I only wear foundation, lipstick and mascara ahahaha

Can you write a blog post on your shoe collection please?

Oh god I think I have over 60 pairs of shoes! But yes, such a brilliant idea- I'll get on that this weekend when I'm home from Dublin, thanks for the suggestion :) xo

Any advice on trying to discover your own style?

1. Read fashion magazines/fashion blogs.
2. Create collages of clothing items that you adore and would wear regardless of season trends.
3. Strip your wardrobe back to basics and buy one item weekly/monthly that you think represents you.
4. Answer this question: who do you want to be? Fashion is all about expressing who you are to the world or at least, who you want to be.
This is what you call your own personal style and it doesn't have to fit into any of society's labels. In fact the quirkier the better!


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