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Note from the manager: I've moved to Curiouscat!


Hey all! People have repeatedly notified me that introduced hostile ads in its mobile platform, so I've moved over to curiouscat. You can find my new Q&A spot below!

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Do you ever worry about the possibility that the lack of spoiler warning from your twitter feed will lead people away from possibly following you? I've heard a lot of quiet complaints from people I know that stopped following you because you tweeted content they haven't seen yet.

Lately I've been trying to include show hashtags for anything that's actively airing and might be spoiler-prone. Not really much I can do beyond that.

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Is it really so wrong given that you tend to the exact opposite views of about certain anime , to want to see you and Jacob Chapman engage in a head to head debate about it?

It's certainly not wrong to want that, but it's not something I'm really interested in doing. After too many years of arguing on the internet, I've come to accept that the only results of Critic Fights tend to be enjoyment for people who like arguing and frustration for people who don't. I don't enjoy arguments, so I've stopped engaging in them - my hope is that my own criticism at least makes my perspectives on shows understandable, even if you don't agree with them.

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Can you name some of your favorite bands/albums? I asked previously it's just very hard to find old answers in AskFM. I can't even scroll back that far in time in my notification box!

It turns out I actually went pretty deep on this question in the past, which I was able to find by google (if I'm looking for something I think I've answered, I generally just google "*topic* bobduh" or similar).

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Ever written a piece on End of Eva?

Not yet. I'm planning on prioritizing Evangelion for the Current Projects once I've cleared out a few of the projects I'm currently finishing up, and I'm guessing that project will end in many many words on End of Eva.

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I am gay for you :*

What ever it takes!

See, this is the kind of content I need.

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My question wasn't meant in a mean way and I apologise if you felt like I'm trying to croner you or something like that. I'm sad you used me as shaming material with your friends, I read it and it hurt. There was a lot of assumptions there that were unnecessarily mean. I won't bother you anymore bob

Your prior question combined a /fourth/ reframing of "but aren't you wrong about how you're parsing this character?" with a paraphrasing of my prior acknowledgment of the ambiguity of the text, framed as to negate the significance of any opinion I might offer. If all of that was meant entirely sincerely, I apologize for causing you hurt. But I hope you can see how that looks from my perspective - the ultimate effect is a reiteration of the prior question combined with a jab against whatever I might say.

I've been fielding disingenuous questions about Euphonium basically the whole time it's been a show, so I hope you can understand my skepticism and fatigue. What could theoretically be an innocent question feels a lot less innocent the fifth time, and like something else entirely the fiftieth.

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maybe you've written about this before elsewhere, but what things in the show imply Kumiko isn't straight?

Expression work and shot framing, mostly. There are plenty of moments where both the camera's gaze and Kumiko's expressions very strongly imply she's extremely distracted and flustered by Reina's physical presence.

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How do you keep track on Anime sales? With Girlish Number or Flip Flappers for example. It's really interesting stuff to know.

My friend @somekindofthing on twitter keeps excellent running tallies of show sales. Though of course, sales alone should be taken with a grain of salt - there are many ways anime can make back their cost or count as "successful."

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Do you feel like Kumiko and Reina should have more material together in the last episode of eupho? Felt like Reina deserved more time since she was such a major part of the show.

I think the previous episode was basically Reina's conclusion. In retrospect, I feel the show should have done a better job establishing that it's Reina's faith in Taki that helped him come to peace with his current path in life - that would have given both their characters a bit more closure.

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what does this even mean: "It revels in fantasy while steadily constructing an argument for fantasy’s validity as a real kind of emotional truth" am i reading kant

Here's a more detailed translation of that: "It offers many beautiful and immediately appealing fantasy adventures, while also ultimately arguing that the fantasies we hold most dear are a valid and important expression of our truest selves. It is through embracing the strangeness of her own fantasies that Flip Flappers' heroine ultimately learns to love herself."

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I appreciate the "Mayoiga, Thunderbolt Fantasy, and Concrete Revolutio" comment. I've certainly got specific tastes, but it's nice to hear they're still broad enough to be very confusing.

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Okay but why do you think the show likes to date shows of its same gender?

There are basically two potential gay relationships in Euphonium: Kumiko and /someone/ (since the show's framing certainly does seem to imply that Kumiko is gay), and Natsuki/Yuuko (which is mostly set up for goofy bickering, and could easily be a platonic friendship as well). By comparison, the show actually has an established male/female couple (Takuya/Riko), and prioritizes a scattering of other male/female dramas (Hazuki and Shuuichi, Reina's feelings, Taki's emotional debt to his wife). Critiquing the show for being "too gay" seems like protesting quite a bit too much, and ultimately holding it to a reverse standard of representation based on the very motivated assumption that KyoAni are not allowed to portray these sorts of relationships, or that when they do it it's "pandering" in a way other studios inherently avoid.

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Really curious - why are Asuka and Kumiko romantically interested in each other, in your eyes? I feel that tramples over their entire relationship and the strong friendship they've built. Why do you think it's love and not camaraderie? Further, why do you think Eupho is gay? Thanks, appreciate you!

I don't think they necessarily are, but I don't have a problem with people reading it either way, and don't think either perspective cheapens their relationship.

Anime tends to code relationships for ambiguity and viewer inference in general. Not only is there more of a cultural inclination to leave things like that unsaid, but there's also a fan-focused tendency to construct works that allow audiences to impress their own feelings into the existing text. I've been frustrated by that ambiguity in the past, but it's something I've come to generally accept and see as somewhat emblematic of our current age of "media ownership."

Asuka and Kumiko have a beautifully articulated relationship based in strongly defined personalities and clear emotional needs - how you parse that relationship in terms of friendship/romance isn't something I feel the text needs to clearly delineate, and is something I'm happy to see viewers finding their own meaning in. I'd personally side towards the text itself framing Asuka as a kind of emotional guide for Kumiko and not a romantic partner, but I also think they'd make an incredibly adorable couple, so I'm fine with where the show leaves it.

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As a heads up: Part 5 is widely considered the weakest arc in the English-speaking Fandom. It's massively more popular in Japan. The most popular one, in fact.

I've also heard the bad rep of Part 5 is at least partially due to its terrible translation. Plus it seems very unlikely Araki would somehow forget everything he learned about making Stands interesting in Diamond is Unbreakable.

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Are you aware that JoJo Part 5: Vento Aureo is widely considered the weakest arc of the now 8 Jojo Parts?

Yep. But given Stardust Crusaders tumbled into barely-worth-watching territory pretty consistently throughout its run, I'm not too worried. My only serious concern is that it prompts a drop in sales which keeps us from getting to the following two arcs, which I've heard are respectively very good and fantastic.

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What do you say to accusation that if don't view Yuri on Ice as a great anime then you're a homophobe and/or a hypocrite for liking yuri shows like Utena and Flip Flappers but not one focusing on male relationships?

That it's a bad argument not worth engaging with, I guess. I don't like those other shows just because they're extremely gay, and I wasn't lukewarm on Yuri on Ice for that reason either. I was also a big fan of this year's Rakugo, and that show was in many ways about a man's awakening to his own ambiguous sexuality. Shows have multiple qualities.

That said, there are definitely interesting conversations to be had about what shows mean to us in a social sense in terms of critiquing them. But none of those conversations start with "if you don't love Yuri on Ice you're a homophobe."

View more who is the best background character in eupho?

Jeez, it really is remarkable how even in these images, you can see how all these characters have their own lives going on. What a show.


Mei Taura clearly has the best hair, with those extremely powerful drills. Aside from that, my favorites during the series were the no-eyes Maina Kase/Chiera Takahisa pair, who are wonderful, and I was very happy to see get a pair of lines during the finale. But just from looking over the shots here, it's clear that Raina Kitamura and Oka Mikino are the stars of a show that's just as good as the one we actually watched. Give those two an OVA.

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your fave titles from asano & ito?

For Asano, at the moment it's probably Dead Dead Demon followed by Solanin. For Ito, it's just a scattering of his short stories.

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are you willing to do a list of favorites for manga? I've been trying to get into manga and I generally agree with your anime taste

Maybe at some point, but I feel like I'd want to read more manga in general before doing that. But if you're fine with quick recommendations, here's a loose list of my favorites:

Cross Game
Lucifer and Biscuit Hammer
A Silent Voice
The Ancient Magus Bride
Welcome to the NHK
Love Roma
Azumanga Daioh
A Bride's Story
One Piece
Basically all Inio Asano stuff
Basically all Junji Ito stuff

Hope that helps!

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Apparently Shinkai doesn't want me to see Your Name now? What the heck am I supposed to make of that?

It means Makoto Shinkai is exactly the kind of person who'd make a bunch of Makoto Shinkai movies.

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Do you listen to the Mountain Goats?

They're my favorite band! I listen to them a lot.

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Do you think Reina's character is "ruined" in the 2nd season where she was reduced to just having a crazy crush with Taki-sensei compared to her cool, mysterious character back in S1?


I'm not a fan of Reina's material this season, but I'd say that's more a consequence of its awkward role in the show's structure and the weird tonal choices they've used. I'm actually very happy with how this season has handled her /general/ characterization - Reina's "cool and mysterious" persona from the first season was really only reflective of Kumiko's obsession with and ignorance of her. Now that Kumiko has actually gotten close to her, it's become very apparent that Reina is just a proud and kinda ridiculous dork.

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I donated some money towards your Wandering Son writeups about 2 weeks ago and it still hasn't been updated on your site. I just wanted to follow up and make my payment went through

Thanks for the reminder! It did go through, and I just stupidly missed the email - I just went back and checked that, and have updated the site accordingly. Sorry about that!

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Have you seen the anime for Monster? Would you recommend watching or reading it?

I haven't watched it, but I've heard it's an extremely faithful adaptation, which would lead me to recommend reading it. It's very long, and if the adaptation isn't elevating it in some specific way, I don't see a reason to choose that over the already excellent manga.

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