Some fighting game devs in Japan have expressed interest in a Love Live x Idolmaster fighting game. Should that ever come to fruition, how would you like Nozomi to fight?

AW SHIT. Well, I normally like either fast rushdown characters or projectile-heavy space controllers, but this is Nozomi we're talking about, so flavor-wise that wouldn't work out at all. Nozomi's gotta be a bruiser - heavy hits and methodical, tactical play based heavily on punishing opposing mistakes. Strong grabs, of course (even if I hate the boob grabs, they're an established part of her character), and an overall style that makes the opponent feel like it was clearly their fault when they lost, even if Nozomi was always in control.
Nozomi's weaknesses would probably be middling move speed and awkward recovery time on her better moves, emphasizing making correct plays and reading the opponent well. Strengths are high damage and health, and the opportunity to tell your opponent that they should have heeded the cards. Not a great air game, but strong anti-airs and a couple neutrals that set up brutal combos.
If this were an official game, I assume her specials would be a command boob grab and some kind of tarot-reading ranged attack. If we're just talking in fantasyland, clearly she'd need some kind of Gay Moms combo finisher with Eli, ending with Eli resting in Nozomi's lap as the enemy collapses at the far end of the stage.
Nico would probably be the fast rushdown/mixup character with low health. Rin would be really mobile. Honkers would have to be the straightforward, new player-friendly character. Eli would probably be range-based space control, while Umi would use her bow. Hanayo would probably be slow with weird setups, and Maki might have complex, music-based combos. Kotori would be bad.

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