I was wondering how much more you'd need to make off patreon before it'd be a sustainable living? :o Also stream more plz! I wanna watch you play games.

I guess that kind of depends on the definition of "sustainable living." If we're talking in terms of "not actively hemorrhaging savings," maybe moving up to $750 a month or so would manage it - between that and my advertising/ANN income, I could probably get by. Of course, that precludes any savings or money for emergencies or disposable income, so "sustainable" in that case basically means "I can get away with it for a little while, while I'm still largely an independent adult with no more ambitious plans or medical problems."
My day job will be ending this week, so I'll certainly have plenty of time to think about how to bridge that gap. I get the feeling the Patreon system discourages some people from contributing because it's such an indirect, scheduled thing, which means I should probably also set up a direct donation system. But before that, I should also create a way that donations can go towards specific, tangible results - i.e. stuff like "for every $100 donated towards /this/ button, I'll write up another episode of ____ show," etc. Which requires both doing all the behind-the-scenes work of setting that up (the design and implementation, along with figuring out an actual donation system) as well as just figuring out what ratios and prices seem reasonable and might lead towards a more sustainable future. This is basically the part of my job I like least - I just want to write things people like, I find the mechanics of sustainable internet income both baffling and kind of embarrassing to talk about. But I need to just buckle down and do it, because I love doing what I do, I love that people actually care about this work, and I'd love to be able to dedicate even more time to working on a broader variety of projects for people to enjoy.
As for streaming, I'm sorry I've been so bad about that, but don't worry! I've actually got some big news coming on that front, and will likely be moving to a more consistent streaming schedule shortly!

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