Have you ever had writing induce actual panic in you? I don't know how normal this is but it happens to me basically every time I try to write - my fight-or-flight response kicks in, I start breathing heavily and my heart rate jumps, I get fidgety and distracted.

(Continued) I have to work through it before I can actually start writing. Is that unusual enough that I should seek help elsewhere, or do you have any coping mechanisms for that?
That doesn't happen with me, and might be something you should seek help elsewhere for - it sounds like it could be an anxiety or attention issue that you could possibly want to either medicate or possibly just talk through in some way, particularly if it affects your life in other ways. I know I've personally been a lot more generally stable/happy since I started acknowledging and seeking help for my own anxiety troubles!
That said, I definitely know the lesser feeling of being overwhelmed by the sense of an empty page, or the scale of a project I'm imagining when I don't even know where to begin, or the idea that I won't be able to say something someone else hasn't already said etc etc etc. I think everyone who tries to write has to work through some version of those fears, and they affect everyone differently.
The good news is that at least in my case, getting over those initial hurdles is essentially a muscle I feel I can train over time. There are still times when I feel swamped by the idea of a project (in fact, I get at least a couple waves of that with basically every larger article I work on), but writing more things has helped me get more efficient in powering through that stage of helplessness. And in addition to practice helping in an emotional sense, it's also taught me techniques for making the process a bit easier.
Outlines, for one - I've found that while writing an article straight through can feel incredibly daunting, it can feel much easier to just jot down a sentence or two describing what I want to say in each paragraph, so I can sort of tell the summary version of an article without stressing over every phrase. From there, it actually feels much, much easier to write the earlier paragraphs knowing where the later ones are going to end up, since I've already got my rough thoughts down and don't have to worry about rushing to some point I'm unsure of, or getting my ideas out before I lose them.
I've also adopted general habits that help me gear up for the writing process. I'm better at avoiding distraction than I used to be - or rather, I'll get that initial urge towards distraction, but my "no, get to work" voice is quicker to stop me. I also generally walk around the house once or twice to clear my head and center myself before getting to work, a ritual that seems meaningless but helps create a sense of "now it's writing time."
That's how it goes for me. I hope some of that helps!

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