Bob, I gotta say you're the only reviewer I've read so far that reads the One Piece manga from the craft perspective instead of lore & narrative and I want to thank you for that. To sneak a question, how do you train yourself to read it from that perspective?

That's just kind of how I engage with most things. I've said before that "plot is details" - I feel that most of what makes a story work or not work is found in its execution, and it's generally a sign that a story is working on those levels when people engage with it in a positive way as a narrative.
People in general really like narratives, and when they're remembering or describing a show to their friends, they'll focus on the "stuff that happens" - the main variables of the premise, the big plot turns, the betrayals, etcetera. But personally, I feel like most stories are not going to surprise me - there are only so many plots, and we just keep recycling the ones that work. It's the individuality and expertise that artists bring to the execution that make a work stand out, and give people a reason to embrace the plot in the first place.
And you're very welcome! I'm glad you're enjoying the articles.

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