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What are they doing with everyone that's infected with covid? Is there a cvd19 concentration quarantine camp somewhere?

I work at the hospital and they have secluded a wing for them. Only nurses and physicians go in and out. However those who have been diagnosed and sent home (completely healthy or not) should be quarantined. Emphasis on *should be*

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First date ideas

Picnic with some good finger food and chatting it up. Has to be somewhere open but secluded. We don’t need and distractions 🙅🏾‍♀️😏wby??

Do you have an account in instagram?

Yes indeed it’s lee_lit and while we’re at it (hehe) my snap is lesha.lit👻

What do you find attractive in men /women?

Being able to have a stimulating conversation I swear it gets me every time Looks don’t matter at all to be
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Have you😇😗👦 ever stolen anything?

Lol omg yes When I was young I stole a Mickey Mouse snow globe from Walmart and distinctly remember because my mom tore a hole in my ass. Since then it doesn’t peak my interest

What do you do to entertain yourself?

The media of course Except I’m different, social media 😉🤪

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